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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Daring Do! - Tutorials and Collisions

I’ve been busy again today spending time with family (it’s my birthday tomorrow!), but I found a bit of time this evening to do some work on Daring Do!.

I’m still struggling with implementing basic tilemap collision detection in Cocos2D, so I’ve spent most of the evening working my way through some tutorials and fiddling around with code. I’m still not really sure of the best way of doing things, but I now have something very basic working. You can run and jump around a level and land on solid objects, which is a start!

I think I’ve been very spoilt by the ease of doing collisions in Flixel (the framework I used to create the original Flash version of Daring Do!), which made it very easy. It might be worth spending the time reading through Flixel’s source code and implementing similar collision detection for Cocos2D. I’ll have a bit more of an experiment tomorrow and try and decide what’s the best approach to take.